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No two patients’ eyes are exactly alike, and there are many procedures designed to address a patient’s individual needs.  In order to determine which or sometimes if Laser Vision Correction (LVC) is the best option, our surgeons will need specific information about the shape and thickness of your cornea, and your age, and overall health. 

Your complimentary evaluations will determine the most essential information about your eyes and your vision.  The first determines what type of vision correction is right for you, and the second appointment provides the surgeon with the information necessary to perform your procedure.


A Hand to Guide You


Taking control of your vision is an exciting decision, and it can sometimes be confusing.  Fortunately, we have someone on staff who will guide you from your first phone call through all the steps along the way. Our LASIK Coordinator is available to answer your questions, listen to your concerns, schedule your appointments, and make sure you are satisfied throughout the process. 

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